What is CYASS

CYASS is software for making cloud storage suck less for companies.

Our software creates virtual drives for Linux, Mac and Windows where the data can be stored both locally and over multiple cloud providers.

You can even seamlessly use multiple storage providers such as Amazon and Google to future proof your deployment strategy!

All data is compressed and encrypted before being sent to the cloud.  Strong access permissions that control who can access and decrypt which files.

No executive would want a 3am call that hackers have somehow accessed the cloud data.  Cover Your ASSets!

CYASS allows data to be automatically stored redundantly to improve the safety and reliability of your data.  You could have half your data replicated across Microsoft and Amazon services.  If either one goes down or cannot be accessed, your IT systems continue to work!

CYASS allows automatic backup and retrieval to ‘cold storage’ systems such as Amazon Glacier.  Need to store and retrieve a log file from 5 years ago?  No problem!  CYASS both simplifies and automates this process!

Cloud Persistence and Encryption

Your file data is seamlessly encrypted onto cloud storage.   Cloud hackers get access to unreadable data.

Encryption is done on a per organisation and per group basis.  Your HR team, R&D and board can be confident that other teams cannot access their information.

Cover Your ASSets!

Caching speed with optional local CDN

CYASS can perform caching of cloud storage material on the customer’s site, increasing the retrieval speed of frequently accessed files.  CYASS can make your cloud run in most cases far faster than ‘out of the box’ cloud data storage services.

Data can be cached and stored geographically close to the user.   Your Japan office can have comparable speedy access to the corporate cloud like the New York office.

Flexible use of cloud storage

CYASS can interoperate with your data on:

  • Amazon S3
  • Microsoft Cloud
  • Google Storage
  • DropBox
  • WebDav
  • Local!

This means you’re not necessarily tied into ONE CLOUD PROVIDER, you can move your data between cloud providers with a few clicks to future proof your company’s deployment plans.

File System Interface

Mount virtual drives on your network with access controls.

Data can be stored locally, remotely or on one or more cloud providers.

The standard user does not see which cloud provider is being used.

CYASS simplifies complexity by solving existing lack of standards between cloud storage providers.

Auto Backup and Retrieval with Glacier

Amazon Glacier allows relatively cheap storage of infrequently used information with around 4 hour ‘data retrieval delay’.

CYASS can be configured to automatically move your information to this ‘cold storage’ at frequent intervals.  Of course, your data is compressed and encrypted as well.

CYASS also simplifies the retrieval of your data.

If you’ve ever been asked to store your log files for years and still remain under budget – you know exactly how powerful this can be!

Huge Virtual Drives

You can create single virtual drives up to 9 million Terrabytes in size! (2^63 bytes)

In the background, the data is seamlessly spread over multiple globally distributed machines and cloud data providers.

“You can use multiple locations, multiple machines, multiple cloud vendors with CYASS!”


Of course our customers can have the benefits of support.

With the various support plans possible, we can even have experts to advise you on solving your long term cloud goals!

Your use case

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